How to Become an Extreme Couponer

When I was a coupon newbie, I used coupons here and there to buy mainly makeup but after getting into extreme couponing I seriously realized that I could save money for my son, my husband, to pay off some of my student loans, and to save for cosmetology school. I’m really going to try and provide my family and I with a better future and to get things that we really need on sale or free!

Some of the things I’ve been able to accomplish with extreme couponing:

Started an IRA

Fund a rainy day savings account, just in case of an emergency or job loss

Paid my rent or car note with the money saved from extreme couponing

Donate toiletries, food, and diapers to local charities

I’ve even been able to hold garage sales with my extra stock of supplies

As an added bonus, now my hubby is happy to see me head out the door to shop!

So if you are a bit of a shopaholic like me, you can consider this as a hobby that pays for your shopping :)  Shop and save money at the same time – does it get any better than this?

Because why would anyone pay full price for a product when you can get it for 50 – 70 – 90% off or free!! Anyone who doesn’t use coupons is missing out, sure it takes a little extra time to prepare your shopping trip but the money saved is well worth the extra time.

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